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    1. 07-25 2019
      Congratulations to Changzhou Hongda as a pilot enterprise for the use of intellectual property in industrial enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
      In order to implement the national intellectual property strategy in depth, in accordance with the "Manufacturing Knowledge Industry Action Plan (2018-2020)" (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2018) No. 239) and the Office of...
    2. 07-25 2019
      [Textile wisdom] Intelligent and personalized is the development trend of domestic printing and dyeing machinery
      In 2019, with the deep adjustment of the market, it has become the norm to eliminate backwardness and promote high-endization. Environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, short process, digital monitoring and intelligentization are the ...
    3. 06-28 2019
      ITMA 2019 is a complete ending! 2023, meet Milan again
      On June 26th, ITMA 2019, the highest technical development in the industry, was successfully concluded in Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain. ITMA 2019 is organized by ITMA Services. The advanced technology and on-site mechanical display of the exhibition wi...
    4. 06-25 2019
      In one language, one is hard to find! The Global Textile Industry Sustainability Summit was successfully held in Barcelona
      On the afternoon of June 20th, local time, hosted by China National Textile and Apparel Federation and Shaoxing Municipal People's Government, CHINA TEXTILE, China Textile magazine, Shaoxing Keqiao District People's Government, and Shaoxing K...
    5. 06-21 2019
      [Directly hit ITMA • They are changing the world (PART1)] China Textile Machinery, Changzhou Hongda, Wuxi Hongyuan Intelligent Products Stunning Europe
      ITMA is a trend-setting textile and apparel technology platform that meets every four years to explore new ideas, seek solutions to new solutions, and create opportunities for win-win cooperation. At the exhibition, the number of Chinese exhibitors r...
    6. 01-18 2019
      4.62 trillion yuan! In 2018, China’s total foreign trade has reached a record high! In 2019, will foreign trade be better?
      4.62 trillion US dollars! In 2018, China’s total foreign trade reached a record high!On January 14, the China Customs Administration released data showing that in terms of US dollars, China's annual trade surplus in 2018 was 351.8 billion US doll...
    7. 01-18 2019
      Come again, "Reassuring"! In 2019, the six major measures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promoted the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry!
      1. Talking about the decline of industrial growth rateThe overall operation of the industrial economy remained within a reasonable range, better than expected. The fundamentals of industrial development are good, and the structural problems affecting...
    8. 01-18 2019
      China Textile Ecological Civilization Miles Changzhou Hongda Printing and Dyeing Intelligent Manufacturing Promotes Development
      On December 18, 2018, guided by the China National Textile and Apparel Council, sponsored by the China National Textile and Apparel Council, the China Textile Industry Federation, and the China Textile Industry Federation, the China Textile Ecologica...
    9. 01-18 2019
      How artificial intelligence can change the future
      Not long ago, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the ninth collective study on the status quo and trends of artificial intelligence development. In his study, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that artificial intelligence is...
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