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    Rotary screen printing machine blocking network online measurement and control system
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    In course of printing as screen head could be polluted by dyes, periodic white dots (miss printing) or color dots (dirt) could often occur on fabric. As the printing machine cannot be often stopped in course of printing, in case defect occurs it shall periodically appear on the same position to cause faults in batches. When the detection and control system is equipped on the printing machine, its machine vision image treatment technology can make 100% quality monitor against fabric and continuously detect printing quality at real-time. In case fault of fabric is found it can alarm in time to remind workers to regulate the printing machine so as to rise up quality of product.

    Characteristics of the system

    1) Rise up timeliness and correctness of detection for printing fault;

    2) Online real-time detection can guarantee printing result and rise up grade of product;

    3) Give alarm immediately when screen-blocking is found and large screen can display printing fault and its position at real-time;

    4) Lower requirement of operators skill and labor strength;

    5) Rise up rate of finished product and reduce risk of ordering.