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    MAX-300 mercerized concentrated alkali concentration online detection and automatic alkali system
    category : Printing and dyeing intelligent equipment



    The necessary product in 2010 <Access Condition for Printing and Dyeing Industries> from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

    The system makes real-time detection and control over alkali concentration of technological liquor by means of the specific gravity method thus to make alkali concentration of technological liquor meet with technological requirement. The system has circulated filtering and alkali matching tank, functions of automatic detection and alkali matching, temperature compensation, automatic cleaning, display of data curves, communication interface of the Ethernet to facilitate users remote monitor and management; it has good technological reproducibility thus to rise up grade of product and the onetime success rate.

    The system is suitable for alkali reduction machine of strong base, mercerizer, application of strong alkali matching and so on.

    Characteristics of functions of the system

    It has the active and circulative filtering device to filter impurities, dust or grains to be detected thus to ensure precision of detection and control to rise up quality of products;

    Unique dual-direction shunt design of light base which can be recycledautomatically! No alkali reclamation and evaporation device is required thus to reduce cost and increase efficiency with less draining; 

    Adopt the latest photoelectric technology to make reliable detection against concentration, density and temperature of alkali liquid, to compensate data automatically and accurately so as to ensure high precision result of detection.

    Set data digitally to realize automatic alkali matching and supplementing.

    It has automatic cleaning and protection function thus to rise up temperature reliability largely.

    With large screen man-machine interface and large volume data storage, it can realize optimal control over concentration of strong base. 

    Technical data

    Measuring range of concentration: 80-300 g/L; 

    Measuring precision of concentration: ±3.0 g/L;

    Control precision of concentration: ±5.0 g/L.

    Compensation range of temperature: 0°C~60°C.