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    Congratulations to Changzhou Hongda on the election of the Executive Director of the Printing and Dyeing Machinery Branch of the New China Textile Machinery Association

    HONGDA 2019-01-18 794 return

    On November 21st, the first member meeting of the China Textile Machinery Association Printing and Dyeing Machinery Branch was held in Xinchang, Zhejiang. Li Wu, deputy head of Xinchang County, Li Yi, vice president of China Textile Machinery Association, Lin Lin, vice president of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, and other relevant regional and association leaders attended the meeting. Mr. Gu Ren, Chairman and General Manager of Changzhou Hongda Technology Group, is the president of China Textile Machinery Printing and Dyeing Machinery Branch. He is the president of other China Textile Machinery Printing and Dyeing Machinery Branch, member companies and representatives of printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers from all over the country. The future of the business sector.

    Li Yi, vice president of China Textile Machinery Association, announced in his speech the executive directors of the 2019 branch, namely Changzhou Hongda Technology Group and Yuanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. Mr. Gu Ren, Chairman and General Manager of Changzhou Hongda Technology Group, was invited to give a brief speech. At the meeting, Changzhou Hongda, Kang Pinna, Jiangsu Haida, Jinhengfeng, Jiangsu Xiaoyang, Jiangsu SEG, Sanji Industry and many other business leaders also on intellectual property protection, environmental protection policies, how to expand overseas markets, how to develop health Other hot issues were discussed and discussed.

    At the meeting, the leaders indicated that China is the country with the largest output of printing and dyeing fabrics. China's current printing and dyeing fabric production exceeds 50% of the world's total. It is also the world's largest printing and dyeing machinery manufacturing country and user country. The annual sales volume of domestic printing and dyeing machinery is about 15-20 billion. Yuan Renminbi. In recent years, the manufacturing quality, process applicability and automation degree of domestic printing and dyeing machinery have been significantly improved. In addition, domestic equipment has good after-sales service, fast response, high cost performance, and the market share has reached more than 85%. From January to September 2018, the overall development of the printing and dyeing machinery industry was in good condition. The sales of all kinds of main engines were very strong, especially the energy saving and emission reduction effects were good. The equipment with high numerical control level was favored by users.

    Gu Ren, chairman and general manager of Changzhou Hongda, said in his speech that the current state and industry are in an important transition period from high-speed to high-quality development. He believes that this is an opportunity for enterprises in the printing and dyeing machinery industry. Users' requirements for products are clearer and clearer. Equipment that can meet their needs in terms of process, product quality and labor will be recognized. Equipment companies can innovate in many directions. Conduct research and development with customers. At the same time, he put forward his own views on the protection of intellectual property rights. Gu Ren said that regardless of transformation or development, it must rely on innovation, enterprises should pay attention to and strengthen, and should not focus on plagiarism. The foundation of high quality development.

    Changzhou Hongda is committed to becoming an intelligent textile printing and dyeing solution provider and service provider with innovative technologies such as machine vision. “Innovation” is the fundamental driving force for Hongda's sustainable development. Through digital data, intelligent identification, cloud computing and other related digital technologies, we will open up all the chains of printing and dyeing processes, so that printing and dyeing production will truly move towards green environmental protection and energy saving, making the whole industry intelligent and efficient. Changzhou Hongda is full of confidence in the future of intelligent green printing and dyeing based on ecology. Enterprise transformation under the background of structural adjustment needs to use the power of the ecological circle to achieve win-win. In the future, Changzhou Hongda will unite the strength of the nation's upstream and downstream partners, work together to build a vision of an industry-wide eco-cooperation system, promote green printing and dyeing, and create a new industry ecosystem.

    At a time when new opportunities in the industry are coming, Changzhou Hongda's smart products must serve the crafts and match the market demand. We will do our best to play our part in the process of intelligent manufacturing in the printing and dyeing industry, and make more efforts for China's transformation from a textile power to a textile power.