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    Your Position : Home Product Printing and dyeing intelligent equipment
    Printing and dyeing intelligent equipment Product Center
    MSC-U fabric moisture rate online detection and control system
    category : Printing and dyeing intelligent equipment



    The system can measure moisture in three points left, middle and right on fabric and display them separately, select the value of one point or the average value of three points as the signal to adjust supply volume of steam. Moisture rate of the fabric in process course, relative humidity of medium and moisture regain of doffing fabric, they are quite important for clean production and energy-saving.

    Measuring Range

    Pure cotton: 3%-20%;

    Polyester (T/C65/35): 1.5%-6%;

    Jute: 6%-30%;

    Mohair: 9%-38%.

    Technical Data

    Ambient temperature: max. 200 °C;

    Power supply220V/110V±10%;

    Consumption of motive power: about 55VA;

    Otput signal: 4-20mA   DC 0-10V;

    3” 1/2 bit digital display    5” large screen double-sided digital display